Why a Fitness Program


      It has been my experience that fitness, whether it's walking the dog, swimming, or basketball 1- 3 times a week, consistence is how goals are met.  Exercising on a regular bases can even ruin the habit for a cigarette.  Health improves from the inside out.

Exercise is a proven stress reliever.  Most actually "relax" while they are working out.  You are thinking "how can one relax performing aerobics or squats?"  Trust me, your mind will be on that exercise and nothing else.

Do you know that eating smart is one way of keeping your good health?  Good nutrition is linked to health in another way.  It is an important part of recovering from an illness, such as the flu.  Wise food choices can even help prevent, treat, or manage any health problems.

The immune system can be enhanced to the point where certain side-effects from medication become less and are easier to handle. This is especially good news for the elderly or those with serious health issues.

I personally lived with the crippling effects of a chronic illness to the point where my immune system was nearly shot.  I was so frail until my socks could not stay up.  This was from 1989-1994.  Then I pursued a healthy change of living.  Five years later I was on stage competing in my first ever bodybuilding show.  I won 1st Place.  At that time, I sought a certification in fitness.  I know firsthand the benefits that fitness and wellness have on the mind, body, and spirit.  Exercise performed properly works great and remains with you.  I also, hold certification in substance abuse. 

  Please consult with a physician before attempting any fitness routine.