I know Walter Morrison to be a recognized health advocate in the community in which he resides.  His every action supports the well-being of the men and women who turn to him for services. 

Dr. Valveta Turner President/Founder Optimum Health and Well-Being. Inc.,  Jacksonville, FL                                      


Walter Morrison is a professional when it comes to Health and Fitness.  His training program is very dynamic and informative.  It provides fitness and nutritional information that helped me complete my fitness goals.  His training program also promoted and inspired a healthy lifestyle approach to fitness that I find applicable to all audiences.  I was provided with an up-to-date, reliable resource, emphasizing fitness as it relates to health, in a uniquely entertaining and interactive program.

Walter Morrison's personal fitness program is for everybody!  I look forward in joining one of his sessions in the near future.  Gook Luck on your endeavors.  Our community needs a personal trainer such as yourself.                                        

     Nathaniel H.

Now for my testimony

Having a Fitness Trainer has been a long time dream of mine.  Before I began training with Walter, I felt tired and physically weak.  Since training with Walter, I have noticed increased upper and lower body strength, I am able to walk longer distances at a much faster pace and I rest very well at night.  I am very impressed with his attentiveness during each session to ensure that my routines are done correctly in order for me to achieve the maximum benefit.  I am accomplishing my goal of a stronger and healthier body.       

 Kathryn P.                                                                                                                                                        

 I have been a client of Walter's since December 2006.  After sitting down with Walt and discussing my goals of building lean muscle and increasing strength he started me on a plan he set specifically for me.  After working with Walt, I've far exceed  my goals, over the past year my friends and family have noticed the changes in my body in addition to the physical changes Walter has become a dear friend and confidant.  Needless to say, I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve your physical and mental well being.  Call Walt .                                                                                                                  

Amos E. Jacksonville, FL

I met Mr. Morrison a few months ago after relocating to Jacksonville, Florida.  I have found him to be professional and focused on fitness.  His structured approach - designed to meet my personal goals - has helped me regain control of my weight and overall wellbeing.  My time with Mr. Morrison can best be described as "value added."  I am losing weight, toning and strengthening my body and feeling good about the changes I see.  During my session, I have his undivided attention - for me, this is critically important - his passion for and dedication to the profession is clearly evident with each routine.  Thank you Mr. Morrison for inspiring me to stay the course even when health challenges interfered with a well thought out plan.  You are the best!                                                                                                                                                    

Maryann Jacksonville, FL         

I love and respect how Walter as my trainer pushes me, supports me, and gives me the advise I need.  To meet the goal I want to achieve as an individual and help to get the body I want.  I'm also able to talk to him on a personal level as well.  I also expect and get from him updates on the latest most effective ways to lose the weight or tone.                                                 

Angela Jacksonville, FL